Noun: A meteor that survives its passage through the earth’s atmosphere such that part of it strikes the ground.

See some images of meteorite jewelry samples.
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Pattern welded meteorite rings before shaped etched and inlaid
A few steps into the process, here are some samples of pattern welded meteorite rings before shaped etched and inlaid. Click here to see some images of my work.

My work with meteorites

Welcome. This website is a work in progress, so please send suggestions (here) and keep an eye out for more and better images. But if you’ve are looking at engagement rings, have a love for meteorites or just want to have a piece of jewelry (or unique metal art piece), you’ve come to the right place.

I am a 37 -year old artist, and my emphasis has been on metal (from bronze to gold and platinum). I have been making jewelry for 23 years and have been exploring meteorites in jewelry for about eight years.

I’ve planned on creating a website to share some of my art, but realized I needed to move sooner when I began to receive multiple requests for wedding bands made of meteorite like the ones I made for myself and my wife after a friend colleague Marcus Laporte posted some images of the process  in Reddit, it got millions of views.

His and hers wedding bands, meteorite inlaid in white gold, made from a piece of Nantan meteorite mixed with Gibeon meteorite.
(Nantan and Gibeon meteorites forged with nickle tool steel and inlaid in white gold). After making hundreds of sets of wedding bands and engagement rings, I knew I wanted something unique when it was time to forge my own, and there was no doubt that my ring would have a meteorite in it. Wearing a ring that came from the same meteorite that was in orbit for countless years, and knowing that my wife and best friend is wearing the other half is like having a piece of heaven connecting us.

I made my wedding ring from a meteorite eight years ago, and also made one for my wife. When Marcus decided to get married he wanted a similar ring, so I let him use my forge and equipment and walked him through the process, which he documented. On a whim he posted the images on Reddit and the Huffington Post wrote a story about it (which may be where you got my email).

I have also made other pieces with meteorites, and continue to experiment. I have made two knives, one is a Scottish dirk which I made for my brother’s wedding. He had a traditional Scottish kilt, and the knife was used to cut their cake. The other knife I made is for my son (he is 6 years old, and he knows he will receive it when he turns 21). And, for my daughter, I started a tiara for her quinceañera, or 15th coming-of-age birthday. It’s not done, but I have 300 rubies that will decorate it.

If it’s a ring you are looking for, I can forge one that at is straight meteorite, pattern welded meteorite with tool steel “damascus” (like the one Marcus has), or machined meteorite to maintain the Widmanstätten pattern.  Another important thing to consider is what kind of metal do you want to inlay the meteorite band into after it has been forged? (silver, gold, or platinum).  I recommend inlaying all of these choices in either silver, gold, or platinum for durability.  I have discovered that over time, after 15 or more years, your body will absorb the iron from the meteorite and it will not be stable.

See some images of meteorite jewelry samples.
Other Metal Metal Fine Art pieces